Toyota has been putting out a large push behind its concept of how our big cities should run and operation, and how plug-in vehicles play a big part.

Recently, the Japanese company put out a primer on what a "smart mobility society was," which included a central role for the likes of the Prius PHV and new limited production city i-Road.

Now, Toyota is giving out more specific details on the part that interests us the most - their Urban Traffic System, or Ha:mo.

Along with the video the company had this to say about Ha:mo

"Ha:mo, a collective name, is an urban transport system designed to provide transport that is amenable to users, cities and society as a whole by optimally combining personal mobility vehicles such as automobiles with public transportation. The system comprises "Ha:mo Ride", a compact electric vehicle sharing service that meets the need for short-distance urban transport, and the provision of multi-modal routing information on optimal means of transportation taking into consideration both total carbon dioxide emissions and convenience according to current road conditions and public transportation operating status." 

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