Every so often, we like to travel back in time to see how electric vehicles were viewed in the early days.

Now, electric vehicles are relatively mainstream, but just a few of years ago, the plug in was often the focus of unwarranted negativity, dislike and put downs.

This video matchup is the work of Motor Trend.  It first hit the Internet back in February 2010 when Tesla was still relatively unknown.

"Editor At Large Arthur St. Antoine and Technical Editor Kim Reynolds pit the all-electric Tesla Roadster Sport against the enthusiast favorite, the Porsche Boxster Spyder."

Just watching the Tesla Roadster getting towed in gives you an idea of the general perception of electrics back in those days.

Motor Trend's overall verdict isn't anti-Tesla, but it certainly hints at the inferiority of electrics (limited range, high price) in general:

First Place: Porsche Boxster Spyder

Last year, the Cayman S wowed us enough to make it our inaugural Best Driver's Car. Guess what? The Boxster Spyder may very well have eclipsed it-in performance and looks.

Second Place: Tesla Roadster Sport

We're impressed. The Tesla is now a genuine car to reckon with on the world stage, despite its extraordinary price and limited range. Now if only it could better communicate its handling intentions.

Motor Trends says that this was/is the plug-ins biggest flaw:

"While battery electric and plug-in hybrids might very well sweep though the automotive marketplace, enthusiast electrics -- even this remarkable Tesla -- haven't yet found their version of the combustion engine's romantic pulse, and it worries me."

We still just can't get over that tow truck though.  Why on Earth would you tow in the Roadster unless your goal was to make it look inferior/useless?

Watch the video and then check out Motor Trend's full matchup review here

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