Volvo Plug-in hybrid bus

Volvo Plug-in hybrid bus

Nova Bus, which is a Volvo Group subsidiary in North American, announced that it entered into an agreement with the Société de transport de Montréal, STM on an electrification project for the public transit system of Montréal, Canada.

Montréal will be the first city in North America to take part in the Volvo Group City Mobility program. In Europe, Volvo has been testing plug-in hybrid buses in Göteborg, Stockholm, Hamburg and Luxembourg.

This latest Memorandum of Understanding assumes that Nova Bus will deliver three units of Nova LFSe electric buses for testing for a period of three years beginning in 2016. Demonstration is scheduled in the second half of 2015. That's nearly two years from now...

Together with electric buses, Montréal will install two charging stations to "charge rapidly at bus terminals".

Olof Persson, President and CEO of the Volvo Group siad:

“We are proud to strengthen our partnership with Montreal and welcome the efforts of the Government of Québec for the electrification of transit in Montréal. We have developed the City Mobility Program to work with governments and city authorities around the world to solve the urban transportation challenges and offer silent, emission-free and safe solutions.”

“The Volvo Group has an in-depth understanding of complete transport solutions for sustainable cities, and we are pleased to share our expertise with our partners in Montréal.  Together we can build an entirely new mode of travel”

Michel Labrecque, Chairman of the STM board of directors said:

“The STM strives to become the best public transit authority in the world in its category. Our active participation in this type of demonstration project enables us to test new technologies in real operating conditions and to assess their impact on planning, operations, maintenance, and above all, the improvement of customer service. This is also our way of contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets of the Government of Québec and the City of Montréal.”

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