Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors released today a video on how well adapted the Model S is to winter conditions.

"Chris Porritt, Tesla's VP of Vehicle Engineering, describes the unique features of Model S that make it such a remarkable car in colder climates. From its innovative chassis design, to the instant responsiveness of its electric powertrain, to its state-of-the-art software features, there has never been an all-weather sedan quite like Model S."

In a separate e-mail to subscribers, Tesla adds that the Model S is so good in winter that all-wheel-drive is not necessary. Hopefully, this will not stop Tesla from making an all-wheel-drive version of the Model S with two motors like in Model X.

The important thing to note is that in winter is the Model S' liquid thermal control system that "dynamically heats and cools powertrain components to maintain range and power" and the remote temperature control.

The video ends appropriately with the handles ejecting without mercy to ice.


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