A bill unveiled a week or so ago in Utah will allow all who install charging stations within the state to not be under the scrutiny that a utility would.

LEAF in Utah

LEAF in Utah

This means that charging stations won't fall under the regulatory boundaries of the state's Public Service Commission.

Though it may seem like a minor move, those in the know see this as hugely beneficial for electric vehicles, as businesses and organizations will no longer have to worry about the utility company regulations commonly associated with charger installs within the state.

For businesses, organizations and city governments, installing a charging station will no longer carry with it all the red tape.

According to Deseret News, representative Patrice Arent, D-Millcreek, "told members of the Public Utilities and Technology Interim Committee that her measure would set in place assurances that someone providing a plug-in station for electric vehicles and being compensated would not run afoul of the state's utility regulator."

Source: Deseret News

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