This is not what we'd recommend you do the first time you drive an electric vehicle, especially not in a rented one, but for these two individuals, crossing the Swiss Alps in an EV was the goal and nothing was going to get in the way of achieving that.

EVs and Mountain Roads...A Perfect Mix?

EVs and Mountain Roads...A Perfect Mix?

What's truly unique here is that the two you'll see in the video have never before driven an electric vehicle.  This Alp-crossing journey was their maiden EV voyage.

As you'd then expect, range anxiety was certainly on both of their minds.

The 93-mile mountain drive was not without some hiccups (like showing up at a charger only to find it's not there).

This eye-opening experience shows the two individuals that EVs (even basic ones like the Nissan LEAF) are thoroughly enjoyable.

Now it's time to watch the 15-plus minute video of crossing the Alps in a rental Nissan LEAF.

YouTube via Transport Evolved

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