BMW Brilliance Zinoro 1E Debuts In China

BMW Brilliance Zinoro 1E Debuts In China

Before getting into BMW Brilliance's debut of the Zinoro 1E, we would like to note the stubbornness (and stupidity) of auto show executives this year, and their unwillingness to accommodate each others show dates so that they are exclusive of each other.

"Lets have the Tokyo Motor Show (Japan), Los Angeles Auto Show (USA) and the Guangzhou Auto Show (China) all have press days on the same date...and why not have EVS27 run simultaneously (Spain)?" - we imagined they all thought collectively

Seriously?!?  InsideEVs is not the largest media outfit in the world, so we can only get out to a couple shows at once, but this conflicting schedule would tax even the most hardcore automotive media outlet to be able to properly cover it all.

Next year how about getting out of each others way?

Moving on.

Zinoro 1E Look Familiar? It Should As It Is Essentially A Converted BMW X1

Zinoro 1E Look Familiar? It Should As It Is Essentially A Converted BMW X1

BMW Brilliance is a joint venture company based out of China (aren't they all?) with Brilliance China Automotive, and the Zinoro 1E is the first offering from this duo.

The Zinoro 1E is a bit of an odd-duck, and as such BMW Brilliance does not expect volume sales of the car.

The BEV has  a rear axle electric motor puts out 125 kW (170 hp) and 184 lb-ft of torque.

This gives the EV crossover a top speed of about 80 miles per hour.  While the size of the lithium iron phosphate battery is not known at time of press, the Zinoro 1E has a reported range of 93 miles.  Charging is said to take around 7.5 hours via 16A EVSE.

If the Zinoro 1E looks familiar to you; that is because it is.  Think BMW X1 - but with three battery packs throughout the utility vehicle displacing its ICE components - under the front hood, in the center transmission area and also in the spot normally reserved for gasoline.

The BMW Brillance EV will only be available via a lease, and likely only sold out of Beijing and Shanghai - where the company is building showrooms and repair facilities for the car.  Those dealerships are expected to open early in 2014.

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