BMW i3

BMW i3

The BMW i3 first drive reviews are pouring in.

On the subjects of handling and performance, here's a glance at what BMW Blog says:

"The i3 was not designed to scorch an autocross as it does – these abilities are secondary to design objectives in other areas. For instance, the i3 – being an animal of the urban-jungle – requires a very tight turning radius and quick steering for easy maneuverability through parking lots and congested city streets. That it is instilled with go-kart steering is a bonus. The i3′s uber-light curb weight was a design target for reasons of increased efficiency and mileage – that this curb weight allows the i3 to change direction quicker than many sports cars is a cherry on top of the whipped-creme on top of the cup-cake."

"So quick was the i3 through this wet autocross that my hands were challenged to keep up – I’ve never driven any BMW product so nimble through cones. I reckon that a stock i3 could trounce most auto-crossing M cars through tight courses with plentiful direction changes and short scoots between turns."

"I’d also fancy a stab at my local BMW Club’s autocross championship. I reckon the i3 would give a whole slew of M cars a run for their money."

We strongly suggest that you read BMW Blog's entire i3 review, which you'll find linked to below.

Source: BMW Blog

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