Terra 23 is Like the

Terra 23 is Like the "Baby Brother" of the Pictured Terra 53 System

ABB has just announced the launch of its latest multi-standard DC quick charger: Terra 23

For Terra 23, the fourth generation update ushers in support of the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard.

Now, the Terra 23 can be equipped with up to three outlets (CHAdeMO, CCS and Fast AC) or with one or two.  It's all up to the purchaser.

This low-power unit (20 kW) is designed for use in situations where the 50-kW Terra 53 (pictured) would draw too much power.  ABB says retail locations, commercial office environment and auto dealerships are ideal for the Terra 23.  Whereas, the Terra 53 is more suitable for highway rest stop areas and inner-city situations at dedicated charging sites.

The 20-kW Terra 23 can charge a vehicle to 80% capacity in 30 to 60 minutes, versus the 20-ish minutes of the Terra 53.

ABB further says that all Terra 23 units can be "field upgraded" to support 50 kW in the future if need be.

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