Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

If your name happens to be Elon Musk, then explaining to others why electric vehicles are fundamentally superior to ICE is part of your job.

If you're not Mr. Musk, but still an electric vehicle aficionado, then it should be your duty to explain the fundamental superiority of EVs to others.

It's part of pushing our cause.

Below, we provide a few pointers that can be used (almost without dispute) to "make the case" for EVs:

  • An ICE vehicle can never be made to operate as efficiently as an EV
  • An ICE vehicle will always require more maintenance than an EV
  • The number of moving/breakable parts in ICE will always be higher than in an EV
  • No ICE will ever come with free gas for life.  An EV is offered today with free "fuel" for life (Tesla Model S Supercharging).
  • No ICE will ever offer the immediate torque and smooth power delivery of an EV.
  • If AWD is your cup of tea, EVs, with their infinitely controllable electric motors, beat ICE hands down.
We're certain we've overlook at least a few examples of why EVs are fundamentally superior to ICE and we're open to those who dispute our claims, too.

The idea here is to establish a working, agreed upon list of traits that make EVs fundamentally superior.

So, let's add to/create that list in comments below.

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