Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk went on record awhile back saying that fuel cell vehicles are "bullshit."

Who Needs Fuel Cells When EVs Already Exist?

Who Needs Fuel Cells When EVs Already Exist?

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn echoes that statement, but of course he doesn't use that word.

Instead, Ghosn says that, while automakers (mostly Toyota and Honda) continue to show off fuel cell concept vehicles, those vehicles have no chance of becoming a production reality until at least the end of the decade.

It's The Non-Existent Infrastructure

Ghosn says that there basically exists no hydrogen refueling infrastructure (the US has a dozen or so hydrogen fueling stations) and, without that in place, fuel cell vehicles are a no-go.

Toyota claims its fuel cell vehicle will enter mass production in 2015, but Ghosn says that's basically not going to happen:

"I would be very curious and interested to see competitors who say they are going to mass market the car in 2015.  Where is the infrastructure? Who’s going to build it?"

No infrastructure means no mass production.  Perhaps Toyota will make a few of these vehicles to prove it can be done, but there's no way a mass-produced fuel cell vehicle will be here in 2015.  If it does arrive then on the mass level, there won't be a sufficient amount of fueling stations to make it viable.

For the record, Nissan still sort of believes in fuel cell vehicles, though the automaker says the timeline for launching one has been pushed way back.

Again, with no infrastructure there can be no fuel cell vehicle.  Nissan realizes this, but Honda and Toyota seem to think this is an issue that can be overcome.

As for Musk, he says fuel cell autmobiles are absurd in that they're too complex, too costly, too dirty and so on.

Source: Bloomberg

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