Production of this Smart Fortwo Electric Drive competitor could get underway in 2016.  If that were to happen, then we believe that Smart would have a real challenge selling the Fortwo ED with this Yamaha Motiv out there, too.  Or maybe not.

The Yamaha Motiv concept just hit the stage at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, but it's been a work in progress for years now.

The Motiv is adapted from the Gordon Murray (of McLaren F1 fame) lineup of uber-effiicient city cars.

The Motiv is the first vehicle to use Murray's patented i-Stream production process, which is claimed to be far less costly than traditional methods, yet results in a lighter, more rigid and easier to assemble vehicle.

In electric form, the Motiv features Zytec components and is rear-wheel-drive.  It's believed to put out close to 33 hp and have a top speed of approximately 65 mph.  0 to 60 mph is in the 15-second area.

The specs clearly make this a city-only EV and pale in comparison to the currently available Smart Fortwo ED.

Our belief is that unless Yamaha can find some more quickness and top speed in the Motiv, it's not a vehicle worthy of production.

It sure does look sweet though, in a quirky sort of Japanese way.

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