First, we presented Nissan's Pedestrian on Wheels zero-emissions concept.  Here, we show Nissan's We Lounge autonomous, electric concept.

Why Not Put the Lounge in the Vehicle?

Why Not Put the Lounge in the Vehicle?

Nissan envisions We Lounge as a self-driving vehicle that could be used to tour a city, for sightseeing purposes or for any similar occasion when lounging in the room-style seating would be beneficial.

And since it drives itself, you can sit back, relax and soak up the view or even take a nap.

This is the future of autonomous drive, says Nissan.

"Company planners are looking beyond the real-world products of the next four to  eight years to imagine what consumers will want in future decades," Rachel  Nguyen, Nissan's director of global upstream planning, told Automotive News.

With autonomous-drive technology, the entire concept of an automobile can be re-imagined.  There doesn't need to be a "driver's" seat, so why not set up the interior lounge style?

Nissan further says that We Lounge is a combination minivan, shuttle, rental vehicle and taxi.It could easily be used for those purposes and so much more.

What's important here is to grasp the idea that, with autonomous drive coming, the automobile's shape and purpose could forever change.


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