Proper usage of military chargers has now become official.

One of Several Charging Station at Camp Pendleton

One of Several Charging Station at Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton, a Marine base located in San Diego County, California, issued what's known as a base order to address charging concerns on base.

MCIWEST-MCB CAMPEN ORDER 11240.1 provides guidance on location and details on use of government charging stations.

As the order states:

“Recharging of electric will be accomplished by utilizing electric charging stations installed and operated by the installation."

Camp Pendelton currently has a handful of chargers, but we assume that number will grow in the future.

The order further states:

"Recharging of personal vehicles in Privatized Base Housing must be conducted within the garage, driveway, or carport area. Use of extension cords outside of the garage, driveway, or carport confines is not permitted."

For those who live on base and own a personal electric vehicle, a noticification must be sent to the base's housing unit so that any extra expenses can be calculated into the monthly billing statement.

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