No Need For Wheels If We Get Airless Tires

No Need For Wheels If We Get Airless Tires

That's right...a full 56% of the surveyed American believe electric will be king.

By 2033, 56% of the 998 survey respondents stated that they believe that all new vehicles will be either hybrids or pure electric.

The Fall Gauge Index survey, conducted by tire manufacturer Hankook, shows that the majority of respondents see a future dominated by electrified transportation.

Hankook's purpose wasn't to gauge consumer beliefs of electrified vehicles though.

True, Hankook did pose the electrified vehicle related questions, but the real purpose of seeking out those 998 people was to assess the future outlook of Hankook's airless tire technology.

The electrified vehicle response was a nugget we stumbled upon and thought it to be worth sharing.

Bet you're now wondering what the consensus was on the airless tire, right?

"The majority (75 percent) of American drivers stated it's likely they will equip their vehicle with airless tires by 2033."

So, it looks like will have only electrified vehicles equipped solely with airless tires in 2033.

You'll find these results and so much more from the survey here.  For example, did you know that "58 percent of Americans are very satisfied with their partners' treatment of their vehicle?"

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