Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

In Switzerland, Tesla Motors sold 66 Model S sedans in September.  That amounts to roughly a 50% improvement from August when 42 new Model S vehicles were registered.

None of other electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles can boast of such results in terms of sales in Switzerland.

For Tesla, Model S sales in September represent approximately 0.3% of the total automotive market, which in September was 22,632 registrations.

The second best selling EV in Switzerland is the Renault Zoe, with 31 and 24 registrations over the last two months.  Zoe's YTD advantage over the Model S is shrinking now.

It is significant that Tesla delivered more plug-in vehicles last month than all other automakers combined.

September YTD
Tesla Model S 66 111
Renault Zoe 24 188
Nissan LEAF 13 149
Opel Ampera 9 59
Chevrolet Volt 7 42
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 4 90
Peugeor iOn 1 9
Citroen C-Zero 0 20


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