FedEx of Brazil has taken ownership of 6 Renault Knagoo Z.E. electric delivery vans.

The vans will hit the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in January 2014, where they will fulfill the unique role of "final-kilometer deliveries."  This makes perfect sense to us as the zero-emissions vans are ideally suited for those last few miles within congested, smog-filled cities.

FedEx Shows Off Its Latest EV Addition

FedEx Shows Off Its Latest EV Addition

Basically, the Kangoos will make pick-ups outside of city limits and then drive into downtown areas to make drops.

Renault is not new to the Brazilian EV scene.  In fact, Renault says that it currently markets its entire lineup of electric vehicle in Brazil and that more than 42 of its EVs are on Brazilan roads right now with assistance from the CPFL Energia’s Electric Mobility Program.

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