Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

Renault announced recently that since late 2011, when its first electric, the Kangoo Z.E. went on sale, cumulative sales of all of its electric vehicles have exceeded 34,000 units.

This is not all that high of a number if we take into consideration that Renault has four electric models on the market, but for Europe, where Renault mainly operates, it is enough to grab 47% of electric market share.

The best selling Renault to date is still the Twizy.  This vehicle has over 11,400 units sold, but with sales currently falling hard, after Autumn and Winter Twizy should be overtaken by both Kangoo Z.E. and Zoe.

Kangoo Z.E. is in second place with around 11,000 units sold, and Zoe is already in third with several thousand sales. The fourth model - Renault Fluence Z.E. - is stuck at the few thousand level.

After Better Place's failure and with only marginal sales in Europe, it is hard to tell if Fluence Z.E. will get back on path of growth. Renault can either prepare a new version of the Fluence Z.E. with a fast charging option and a larger trunk or justsilently kill it.

Anyways, at the end of 2013 or by early next year, Renault probably will reach 40,000-unit mark for EV sales. This will mark a unique moment with 40,000 electric Renaults, 100,000 electric Nissans and 30,000 Teslas.

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