$499 Per Day...Seems Excessive, Don't You Think

$499 Per Day...Seems Excessive, Don't You Think

Got an extra $499 to blow?

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

If so, then perhaps renting a Tesla Model S P85 for a single day is what you should do with that spare cash.

Probably not, but that's what MPG Car Rental in Los, Angeles, California hope you'll do with your extra dough when visiting the area.

MPG Car Rental just added a Model S P85 to it fleet.

The astronomical daily cost of $499 makes no sense to us, especially since renting a Chevy Volt there is a reasonable $99 per day.

Note the Volt reference in MPG Car Rental's Model S description:

"A hybrid car rental may be exciting and green enough for many, but the entirely electric 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year Tesla Model S Performance is something else. Tesla founder Elon Musk has said that the Model S was intended to be not only to be the best all-electric car on the road but best car on the road, period. With all due respect to an impressive Chevy Volt rental, the automotive experts agree that the Model S offers an all-electric experience that surpasses just about every car now on the road – electric, hybrid, or traditional."

Hence the reason why we include the Volt's daily rental rate.

We're thinking the Model S will see little use at that rate, but it did just join the fleet, so maybe its daily rate will drop as its newness wears off.

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