-Who wants to go on vacation to Brazil?  Hands up...<br />- Okay...Disassemble them!

-Who wants to go on vacation to Brazil?  Hands up...
- Okay...Disassemble them!

Renault and Itaipu announced the signing of a deal which will lead to the assembling of the Renault Twizy in Brazil at Itaipu’s EV Research, Development and Assembly Center.

When we read the word Brazil, we think of the potential for a huge new market for EVs, but according to press release:

"The cars, supplied by Renault, will be imported as incompletely disassembled kits for restricted use by Itaipu and partner institutions of the EV Program."

When the Twizys are delivered, Itaipu will assemble 32 thousands units early next year. So, for now, it seems there is still no market for EVs in Brazil.

Renault, it seems, just wants to becomes a member of the EV Program:

"After signing this deal, Renault officially becomes a member of the EV Program, an initiative led by Itaipu Binational and the Swiss company Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG/KWO."

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