Sure the video is staged in your stereotypical future Japanese Utopia, but it not only features the plug-in Prius, but the Toyota i-Road as well (which has just been green-lit for limited production), so it's worth a look.

Toyota says of their "vision":

The Toyota I-Road Figures In Toyota's Smart Mobility Society

The Toyota I-Road Figures In Toyota's Smart Mobility Society

"By linking people, cars, and communities, Toyota is working toward a society where everyone can feel safe, secure, and happy as they move through each day of their life.

We dare to adopt the newest technologies and deliver them to as many people as possible. Our success in putting 5,000,000 hybrid cars on the road is a realization of this ambition.

Now, we are forging forward toward an integrated world where cars and information technology are one. We want to deliver this world to your fingertips. Toyota is already working to make it a reality."

Part of that vision includes shared services, which partially comprise compact EVs and electric assist motorcycles, as well as vehicle-to-home (V2G) technology.

Also, keep an eye out for some fine over-the-top English acting peppered into the Toyota Global video - "oh, Veggie Town" for lunch indeed Toyota! "Veggie Town" indeed!

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