Electric <del>cows</del> cars approaching

Electric cows cars approaching

Recent research conducted on the Japanese electric vehicle market must indicate that sales could highly increase if manufacturers introduce cow edition EVs.

Such vehicles should have similar painting and "angular buttocks design" to cows and make sounds like "moo."

This research seems to come from what middle-aged Japanese business people say they desire in a Japan-specific cow simulator.

Mitsubishi quickly recognized that the lack of a cow edition in the MiEV-family was a major barrier inhibiting sales.

So, here it is - the new Mitsubishi Minicab-MiEV Cow Edition that's reportedly selling like hot cakes even with its $5,000 premium.

The second stage of the government funded study will soon conclude what edition should be prepared for plug-in hybrids.

Or maybe we're just joking...who knows


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