Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF sales are getting stronger and stronger these days.

September brings another best-ever global monthly sales result of 4,700 units for the Nissan LEAF.

According to Nissan "consistent increase in sales can be attributed to the surprisingly low running cost of the Nissan LEAF".

Cumulative global sales of the Nissan LEAF now total over 83,000, which means that at the present pace, the 100,000-unit mark will fall in January 2014, but who knows - maybe ramping up production of the LEAF in US will let Nissan cross this mark before the end of the year.

Anyways, Nissan is the leader in terms of sales and every month is extending its lead delivering more fully electric cars than any other automaker

At the end of September, Nissan LEAF sales in Japan passed the significant 30,000-unit milestone (In the US, 35,000 is the latest milestone the LEAF surpassed). To increase sales, Nissan prepared a new test drive campaign in Japan:

"NissanĀ is holding an extended test drive campaign in Japan where consumers can stop by any Nissan dealer for a free LEAF test drive and experience firsthand the efficiency and convenience of this ground-breaking electric vehicle"

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