BMW continues to pound home the message that its i3 electric vehicle is sustainable.

Truth is, we're at the point where we no longer care about the sustainability aspect of the i3.  We know it's sustainable and so to does everyone else who has even vaguely heard of the i3.

It's time to move on BMW.

Let us hope that this video and the accompanying description below mark the last time this sustainability message pours out of the BMW press machine:

"Reinventing mobility with sustainability in mind takes more than just a vision. You need answers to a plethora of emerging questions, the first of which is: Where does sustainability begin? The answer: in the same place as it ends."

"Sustainability characterises the thoughts and actions of the BMW Group. Which is why the BMW Group is the Dow Jones Sustainability Index leader for the eighth year in succession, making it the most sustainable company in the automotive industry yet again. With EfficientDynamics, BMW has set itself the goal of continually reducing emissions while increasing driving pleasure. BMW i uses a wealth of innovative BMW EfficientDynamics technologies and goes even further: From design to production, from the useful life of the vehicle to its disposal, every detail is based on sustainability. Because sustainability is an attitude that doesn't have a beginning or an end."

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