In places where kilometres (yes, we are spelling it this way in the article) are the way you measure distance travelled, Nissan has been promoting a goal of achieving a billion of them in the all electric LEAF.

In Places Like The UK, Kilometres Are The Norm

In Places Like The UK, Kilometres Are The Norm

On Monday, they got halfway there, as Nissan send out word that over 500,000,000 km had been driven.

For those of you not accustomed to "doing 50" in school zones and densely populated areas, 500 million km is equal to 310,685,595 miles - which does not sound nearly as sexy.

How does that compare to the number 2 selling plug-in vehicles worldwide - the Chevrolet Volt?

This past June we reported the extended range Chevy had logged over 200 million electric miles, and that numbers seems to be accelerating fast, as Chevy's automated ticker estimated Volt miles at 287,000,000 miles at time of press.

Below:  A recent Nissan promo trailer for the road to 1 billion kilometres.

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