Once again, we get some supposedly educated individual trying to convince us that electric vehicles just aren't that green.  Will tales such as this ever die?

Tesla Model S - This One is Black...Not Green

Tesla Model S - This One is Black...Not Green

This time, electric vehicles in general aren't the focus.  The Tesla Model S is.

Why pick on the Model S?  Well, it's the electric that draw the most attention, so if you can find a way to shoot its greenness down, then you can topple the whole segment, right?

"In today's "This Matters Now," Bloomberg View columnist Matthew C. Klein talks with Tom Keene about just how green Tesla's electric vehicles are compared to offerings from other car manufacturers."

Klein says the Model S isn't green, but we know better.  Unfortunately, viewpoints like Kleins seem to reach a mass audience with ease, while the proven research that disputes these erroneous claims never gets air time.

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