The state of New York has arrived at a decision and it's one that should please owners of plug-in vehicles.

New York Decides it Has No Say or Control Over Public Chargers

New York Decides it Has No Say or Control Over Public Chargers

A couple of weeks ago, New York's Public Service Commission concluded that it "doesn't have jurisdiction over publicly available electric vehicle charging stations," according to the Associated Press.

This means that chargers installs are beyond the control of the Public Service Commission (PSC) and that the PSC can't restrict where chargers are put.

For the state of New York, this is one hurdle removed from the process of putting chargers in the ground.  Basically, any private company can now install a charger anywhere they choose, without first getting approval from the PSC.

As the Associated Press reports:

"The PSC said its decision reduces regulatory barriers, in keeping with Gov. Andrew Cuomo's initiative to encourage further growth in the use of electric vehicles."

"Automakers and charging station operators are looking for such regulatory clarification in states across the country."

By removing this restrictive barrier, New York has a fighting chance of hitting its goal of 3,000 chargers by 2018.

Source: Associated Press

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