When parking is limited, vertical is the only way to go.

Kandi Parking Structure

Kandi Parking Structure

Awhile back, Hangzhou City, China started construction on a vertical parking garage specifically for the charging of electric vehicles.

The idea was that this vertical structure would hold hundreds of rental electric vehicles provided by Kandi Technologies.

We were a bit skeptical as to whether or not China would go forth with such a plan, but as it turns out, China did and we have video to prove it.

The end goal is to add more of these vertical parking/charging structure so that up to 10,0000 of these Kandi EVs can be supported and in use by Summer 2014.

Since China proved us wrong the first time, we're not about to doubt them this time.

So, next time we report on Kandi and China, expect to hear that 10,000 of these electric are on the roads and that 3 or 4 of these vertical parking/charging structures are operational.


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