Words aren't necessary in this Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive commercial put out by M-B.

B-Class Electric Drive

B-Class Electric Drive

There's no story being told.

No specs posted.

Nothing to go on.

But it still works for us.

It's the classic show-the-vehicle, drive-the-vehicle, show-the-vehicle-some-more advertisement.

It's simple, no frills advertising, but since the B-Class Electric Drive is still a relative unknown to the public, we find no fault in Mercedes-Benz attempt to draw in some attention.

We wish Mercedes added a few descriptive details to the video, but since the automaker didn't, we'll post those for you below:

  • 7.9 seconds from 0 to 62 mph
  • B-Class seats 5
  • The B-Class has a vast cargo hold
  • B-Class Electric Drive has "Tesla Inside"
  • 28-kWh pack in the B-Class is good forĀ  ~ 90 miles
  • The B-Class Electric Drive will launch first in the US in Spring 2014

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