The running tally for CHAdeMO quick charger in the US is at ~ 306 stations.

Tesla to CHAdeMO

Tesla to CHAdeMO

The number of operational Superchargers in the US is 26.

Combined, that's over 225 quick-charge stations that will be able to juice up a Tesla Model S when the CHAdeMO adapter becomes available in the US this Winter.

There's no other vehicle in the States that can lay claim to that level of quick charger access.

And with the CHAdeMO network expected to expand rather rapidly (thanks mostly to Nissan) and the Supercharger network growing at an unmatched pace (kudos to Tesla), the Model S will hold the quick-charge crown for year's to come.

As CHAdeMO grows, so to does the Model S' quick charge capability.

Likewise, as the Supercharger network expands, the Model S gets more sites to quick charge.

The only way that a vehicle will become more quick charge-capable than the Model S is if the CCS network (which today includes only 1 charger in the US) expands at a rate that it eclipses combined CHAdeMO and Supercharger installs.

Will that ever happen?  Maybe someday, but we think it's safe to say that the Model S will hold onto its quick-charge crown for at least the next 5 years (but probably forever).

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