In the Ozarks, in Arkansas, electric vehicles aren't a hit.

That's no surprise to us, but a local news organization found a way to spin that bit of information into a story against EVs.

Admittedly, there are pockets within the US that will likely never support electric vehicles until they are forced to.  We understand this and are fine with the fact that there exists parts of America that will never support EVs.  No problem there, as EVs will catch on where they're most practical to own.

But THV 11, a local news station in Arkansas, sees it differently.

As THV 11 reports, the issue with EV adoption in Arkansas basically mirrored what's going on in the rest of the US (that's not true, but THV 11 reports it as such):

"THV11 found out that of the more than 2.6 million registered vehicles in Arkansas, only 165 of those are electric.

It's not surprising to General Sales Manager Brandon Jones at Landers Toyota in Little Rock. He said customers rarely show an interest.

"We don't hear a whole lot about it. You go to New York or California and you see them on every corner."

If a customer does want one, Jones says it would have to be ordered from a "greener" state where they are more popular.

"They are requiring people that travel 'X' amount of miles to switch over to that type of vehicle," Jones explained.

THV11 found out there are 19 free charging stations in Arkansas, with the majority of them being owned by car dealerships.

Four others belong to Entergy Arkansas. Spokesperson Sally Graham said they were purchased in 2011 with a $40,000 share holders grant in partnership with Coulomb Technologies.

They stations are located at the Clinton School, UALR, UAMS, and the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. While THV11 did catch drivers charging up, all four campuses said their stations rarely get used."

You'll hear this misinformation and more in the video, so check it out to see the word that is spreading in Arkansas - one of the least likely US states to adopt EVs.

Source: THV 11

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