This is a story that we never expected to come across: charging station usage blocked by military personnel.

Military Police in Bali

Military Police in Bali

First, the backstory.

In Bali, at the site of the APEC 2013 Summit, electric vehicles (4 of them to be exact) were supposedly lined up to transport delegates to and from the summit.

10 charging stations were installed (there were supposed to be 20 EVs available, but that never came to fruition) inside the Nusa Dua complex (site of the Summit).

However, those chargers were off limits to the 4 electric vehicles-actually four electric minivans made locally by Kupu-Kupu Malam.

Why? Because military personnel blocked them.

There was likely some mix ups that led to this situation, but the fact of the matter is that the charging stations were being guarded by military officers who were ordered to stop the electric vehicles from entering the area.

The problem?  Those chargers were installed in a restricted-access VVIP (very very important person) area.  Officers on guard were told to turn away anyone who lacked the proper credentials to enter the area.  So, the officers, by order, had to prevent the electric vehicles from accessing the area.

We're rather sure that the EVs had VIPs on board, but not VVIPs, which would have access to the area.  These VVIPs likely came in armored vehicles.

The chargers were installed, though they reportedly remain wrapped in plastic and the electric minivans were made useless since they had no place to recharge.

Was it a mix up?  Or were the chargers purposely installed in a restricted area so that the EVs couldn't be used? The answer will almost surely remain a mystery forever.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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