Will Tesla Motors have real competition in the $35,000, 200-mile electric vehicle segment when it launch Gen III in 2017?

This Article Triggered the Recent GM Versus Tesla Debate

This Article Triggered the Recent GM Versus Tesla Debate

Well, it wasn't too long ago when General Motors CEO Dan Akerson stated that eventually the automaker would ultimately compete with Tesla, but Akerson's comment included the word Cadillac, which leads us to believe that this competing Cadillac will go up against the likes of the pricey Model S and not the significantly cheaper Gen III.

What about Ford?  Recently, Ford's director of vehicle electrification, Mike Tinskey. went on record saying that dedicated electrics aren't part of the automaker's future strategy.  So, we'll say this counts Ford out of competing with Tesla, too.

Who's left?


Definitely not Toyota.


Here, Motley Foll discusses the future possible competitors to Tesla's $35,000-ish Gen III and though we can't say that we agree with everything stated, we will say that, in time, every major automaker will have to take a shot at competing with Tesla.  The questions are, who will do it first and who will get it right?

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