Why buy either a Chevy Spark EV or a Chevy Volt?

Well, both have distinct advantages.

Both plug in.

Both are fairly cheap to lease.

But the real reason you should buy a plug-in vehicle is neither for the fact that it plug ins or because its cheap.

Both the Spark EV and Chevy Volt offer a rewarding driving experience (so too do numerous other plug-in vehicles), but don't take our word for it.

How 'bout we hear what actual Spark EV and Volt owners have to say?

Asking owners what they like/dislike about their vehicle is likely the most accurate way to gauge whether or not that plug-in is for you.

So, we have this here video with actual Spark EV and Volt owners (some young, some a bit older) telling their story.

If even the least bit interested about either of these electrified machines, then this video is right up your alley.

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