Why tease us Volkswagen?

VW's Plug-In Plans for the US Don't Include the XL1

VW's Plug-In Plans for the US Don't Include the XL1

Last week, the VW XL1 made its US debut at the Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Though this author admittedly lusts for a VW XL1, it's becoming more and more obvious that Volkswagen doesn't seem to care what I—or anyone else in the US for that matter—wants.

The VW XL1 may have made a US debut, but it's apparent now that the XL1 won't launch here.

The limited edition XL1 will forever be a Europe-only offering and that's a shame considering that it's the world's most fuel-efficient vehicle.

The 1,753-pound XL1, with its drag coefficient of 0.19, sips fuel so slowly that it can cover roughly 200 miles on a gallon of gas.  Its top speed of 99 mph is fine by us and even its slow 12.7 second 0 to 60 mph time is acceptable, given its frugal use of fuel.

Volkswagen officially announced it will only build 250 XL1s by Spring of 2014.  That's the entire production run for the vehicle and none are expected to be sold in the US.  At $143,000, the XL1 is rather expensive, but given its low-volume production and amazing qualities, it's sure to quickly become a collector's item.  A European collector's item, that is.

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