How many times have we pulled up to a charging station, only to find we didn't have the right network card and couldn't charge? Sometimes you can use the unit without having a card, but sometimes you can't, and then sometimes they change their rules. When you're new to electric vehicle ownership, you run into this quite often, because station providers all have different equipment, with different ways of doing business.  It takes a while to learn the stations in your area and to "play by their rules."

How many such cards do we need to have to ensure we can have a smooth ownership experience with our electric cars?
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Greenlots was founded because it saw the problems with proprietary systems and I think the company knew that simplifying the system might just help adoption in the long run. Greenlots' new SKY Network system just got the greenlight from Maui Electric company.

The SKY Network will be an open access network, meaning that drivers will have all sorts of options when the pull up to charge their car. The Maui implementation will be a DC Fast Charger (of Maui Electric Companies choosing), and will give users payment options at the "pump." Drivers will be able to use an app to pay, a credit card, an RFID or even pay by phone, all without having to "subscribe" ahead of time to use it.

Maui Electric will be able to vary charging prices based on time to charge, kw or even time of day and/or week.  An online "dashboard" and a control panel allows them to adjust according to need and usage.  We like this.  Do you?

Greenlots allows property managers to manage their own network and chargers.

Greenlots allows property managers to manage their own network and chargers.

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