What's the Tesla Model S like to drive?  In one word, it's a "dream," according TheStreet's Chris Ciaccia.

As Ciaccia says, the Model S has infatuated the world and it's the vehicle that's taking the electric car mainstream.

Now, there's no way that the Model S could take electrics mainstream if it wasn't a spectacular automobile.

But what's truly amazing to us is that startup Tesla—not the big dogs like General Motors or Ford or Nissan—is leading the mainstream charge.

You see, the Model S is so darn good it sells itself and for those who've been behind the wheel, there's simply no electric match for the Model S.

What makes the Model S so extraordinary is that it's not only a standout in the electric class...it's a standout even when compared to the best ICErs out there.

Being a "dream to drive" is what makes the Model S special. Being electric is an added bonus.

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