Now Priced $9,100 Less

Now Priced $9,100 Less

Recently, sales of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV have been abysmal.  We could point you to i-MiEV sales in Japan, Canada or even the US in recent months to prove our point, but we'll spare you the pain.

Mitsubishi recognizes that sales have slipped off significantly and, as such, is responding with a massive price cut.

Reuters reports that Mitsubishi will cut the price of the i-MiEV in Japan by up to $9,100.

For those who prefer percentages, the $9,100 price cut works out to a reduction of approximately 25%.

Substantial?  Absolutely.

The i-MiEV now starts at approximately 2.9 million yen in Japan ($29,015 US), but can be had there for an after-incentive price of roughly 2 million yen ($20,010 US).

A Mitsubishi Motor spokesman told Reuters this:

"The main purpose of cutting the price is to strengthen our ability to sell these cars."

Meanwhile, the entry-level M (10.5 kWh) i-MiEV gets a price cut in Japan too, which brings its MSRP down to 2.5 million yen ($25,013 US) or an after-incentive price of 1.7 million yen ($17,009 US).

To date, Mitsubishi has produced 30,000 or so i-MiEVs.  It was once a hot seller on the global level, so perhaps these substantial price cuts will return it to its former glory.

Source: Reuters