The kei-car market in Japan growing very quickly these days at 25.4% to 198,445 units a month.

Typically kei-cars have 660cc engines, but Mitsubishi offers several electric versions of "i" and Minicab that fit into the kei class.

Sadly, only 253 electric Mitsubishis were registered last month in Japan - 95 i-MiEV and 158 Minicab-MiEV (delivery van and truck). This represents only 0.13% of the kei segment.

The reason for low sales is that the price is simply to high compared to ICE versions.

MiEV September numbers are lower than last year, two years ago, and even three years ago, which in a growing market is not a good sign.

YTD numbers for all the MiEVs dropped to 78% of last year's levels - 3,050 vs 3,933.

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