Japanese automaker Honda has all sorts of debuts up its sleeves for the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

Perfect for Travel Within an Airport, Says Honda

Perfect for Travel Within an Airport, Says Honda

Aside from showing off an updated version of its Micro Commuter Concept (including an autonomous-drive version), Honda will wheel outs its completely revised Uni-Cub electric personal mobility concept.

Uni-Cub was first displayed by Honda in 2012.  This revised version is claimed to now be near production ready.

Specs for the revised Uni-Cub (dubbed Uni-Cub β) are limited, but Honda does say it weighs approximately 25 kg (55 pounds) and that its electric motor can propel it to a top speed of 3 mph, which means that a Fisher Price Power Wheels would smoke the Uni-Cub is the two were ever to race.

Since its still a concept, there's no pricing information available.

Honda says Uni-Cub is ideal for "inside" environments such as airports and malls and believes that the public would enjoy being freed from the task of walking.

We doubt a concept such as this makes sense in the real world, but perhaps there's a market out there.  Who knows?

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