Pace Charging Group Joins the Cause

Pace Charging Group Joins the Cause

Pace Charging Group is the latest newcomer to join the EV charging station operator scene.

Pace Charging will focus much of its efforts on installing/operating charging stations in the Greater New England area.  According to Pace, the main focus will be on getting chargers installed in "smaller communities" that are "woefully underserved."

Pace's first station opened just days ago at Best Market's Newington Connecticut store, located at 175 Lowrey Place Newington CT.  The unit chosen for this install is  a ChargePoint CT 4000 dual port level II unit, which has the ability to charge two vehicles simultaneously at 7.2 kW output via SAE J1772.

Pace's mission statement includes this:

"Provide facilities in the rural and suburban communities of Greater New England, in particular the regularly trafficked commuter corridors between New York, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The Company plans to have up to 150 units installed by the end of 2014."

Let's hope Pace hits its goal and then continues on from there.  For some in the Greater New England area, particularly in rural and suburban communities, Pace may end up being the company that makes EV ownership possible.

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