While selling 100-odd copies of the Chevrolet Spark EV in each of the first three months (103-Jul, 102-Aug and 78-Sept) may not seem all that "strong," that is just the way GM expressed it us in a recent exchange with the auto maker.  A company representative also adding that "people are very excited about the car."

Chevy Spark EV (with 82 miles of EPA rated range) Gets DC Fast Charging In

Chevy Spark EV (with 82 miles of EPA rated range) Gets DC Fast Charging In "Late December" - For Around $800 More

We would have to agree.  And why is that?  100 plug-ins a month doesn't sound like very many cars.

Well, as the Spark EV is a rather small, compact electric vehicle, it would be difficult for anyone to judge how well they are going to sell ahead of time - especially given some rather poor results from other automakers, so a more measured approach to releasing the cars makes sense.

And it seems GM was of the same mind, as only a very limited number of Spark EVs have arrived at Chevy dealerships in California and Oregon since the car went into production early this year at one of GM's facilities in South Korea.

In fact, as close as we can tell, GM has never had more than 30 days worth of inventory on hand so far.   A recent check of inventory levels confirms that there are less than 100 cars on dealers lots at time of press.

So with "strong" demand and lots of "excited" customers, what is GM's plan going forward?  Ship more cars of course.

"We’re just ramping up re: distribution so some of that (low inventory/sales) is due to getting the product to the dealers."

And with reports of customers looking ahead to Spark EVs equipped with DC fast chargers (which are now scheduled to arrive in late December), we took the opportunity to ask about the cost of the option after hearing estimates anywhere from $750 up to $1,100 from the local level:

"The option for DC fast charging is around $800"

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