We're certain that if we understood German, then there'd be some useful content in this here video review.

But, we no speak German, so whatever this reviewer is trying to say means naught to us.

However, the way in which he speaks with such emphasis/enthusiasm and in a tone that seems as if he's scolding us made a lasting impact on us.

So much so that we figured we'd pass it along to you.

At one point the review says this:

"Im Tesla Model S dauern Zweifel an der Zukunft der E-Mobilit├Ąt 4,4 Sekunden an. Dann ist er 100 Sachen schnell und macht alles anders -- und alles richtig."

Translated, it comes across like this:

"The Tesla Model S last doubts about the future of electric mobility at 4.4 seconds. Then he's 100 things quickly and does everything else - and everything right."

Or something along those lines...we think.

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