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LCS-25P With L6-30 Plug

LCS-25P With L6-30 Plug

The world's smallest Level 2 charging station, the LCS-25, is now available with all sorts of plugs so that it can be plugged in virtually anywhere.

The LCS-25 becomes the LCS-25P when ordered with a factory-installed plug.  The options for plugs now include NEMA L6-30, 14-30P, 14-50P and 6-50P, which basically cover all the bases and does so for only $549.

As ClipperCreek states:

"ClipperCreek announced today the availability of its LCS-25P with factory installed  wall plugs. Priced at just $549, this Level 2, 5 kW plug-in vehicle charge station is available with the widest selection of wall plugs directly from the factory in Auburn, CA."

"The added variety of 240V plug types, means the industry’s smallest 240V charge station can now be plugged in virtually anywhere. With a 3 year no strings warranty and 25 feet of charging cable standard, the LCS-25P has an outstanding value for the money."

Dave Packard, President of ClipperCreek, stated:

"We felt it was important to add the additional plug types to support customers that may have charging stations which are no longer supported by their manufacturer.  Replacement is a snap and customers can be back up and charging in no time."

As for those "charging stations which are no longer supported by their manufacturer," ClipperCreek is clearly referring to ECOality here and, more specifically, to those often-faulty Blink chargers.

LCS-25P Plug Options

LCS-25P Plug Options

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