Where's My

Where's My "EV-Ready" Garage? Oh...That's Right...I Didn't Chose Capital City Builders...Whoops

A northern Virginia based construction company that goes by the name of Capital City Builders, LLC says that its new "EV-Ready Garage" initiative will ensure that all of its future new home builds will be pre-wired for plug-in vehicles.

Capital City Builders says that, from here on out, all garages of homes that it builds will be pre-wire with a 240-volt line and an outlet.

This is now a standard building option, according to Capital City.

Here's the company's statement:

"Capital City Builders, LLC, a leader in luxury homes in the Northern Virginia area, has always strived to stay ahead of customer demands.  Managing Partner Ali Khazai believes that electric cars are here to stay. The close-in suburbs of the Nation's Capital are ideally suited for "electric commuting".  Expecting consumer demand for high voltage plugs in the garage to sky rocket in the next year, Capital City Builders, LLC has decided to make EV-Ready Garages a standard option.  "As a small family owned business I remember when my father first made air conditioning a standard feature.  Several years ago we made Cat6 a standard feature for data and voice and now we are adding these 240 volt outlets in the garage.  It may be viewed as crazy now but in a few years it will be as standard as the garbage disposal."

We sure hope that the rest of the nation's new home builders soon follow the lead of Capital City by making all new construction homes EV-ready.

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