Terra 53 Multi-Standard Fast Charger

Terra 53 Multi-Standard Fast Charger

ABB choose the Plug-In 2013 conference in San Diego, California to announce that its Terra 53 multi-standard fast charger just launched in North America.

This 50-kW unit meets both SAE Combo and CHAdeMO standards, which means that it can charge all of the US quick-charge capable electric vehicles (aside from Teslas).

Terra 53 launched in Europe many moons ago (Spring of 2013), but is just now making the trek to the US.

The Tearr 53 SAE Combo-only version will be available in November.

The multi-standard SAE Combo / CHAdeMO unit will be available in "early 2014."

It's this multi-standard version that we think should be installed at all future public quick-charge sites in the US.  The SAE Combo version would be useful for BMW and Chevy dealerships to install and possibly even Volkswagen when the e-Golf hits US shores in 2015.

Cal Lankton, Director of ABB’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure business in North America, stated:

"Meeting both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo standards in a single fast charger provides one simple solution to meet the needs of existing and future EV drivers.  The Terra 53 concept is exciting, because driver confidence in charger availability is very influential for EV adoption rates."

Additional press release info follows:

ABB Press Release

ABB Press Release

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