About 17 years ago, General Motors released a "new hope" for electric transportation - the EV1.

Back In

Back In "The Day," General Motors EV1 Was The Green Car To Have

In total, 1,117 all electric cars were produced and leased to customers with just the GM logo on them.  The cost?  Between $349 to $574.  And depending on which generation you got, the EV1's range was touted anywhere from 80 to 140 miles (it went less).

As most know, the majority of those cars were destroyed.  A few still remain - but only 1 that is operational - in the Smithsonian Institution.  However, that doesn't mean they aren't still making the rounds showing Americans how far we have come with electric transportation.

According to Tesla's Facebook page:

Old School meets New School: Model S poses next to one of the last living GM EV1s. If you're in Massachusetts, come check them out on WPI's main campus today.

Close Up of EV1

Close Up of EV1

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