Spark EV Plugged Into US' First Combo Charger

Spark EV Plugged Into US' First Combo Charger

Finally, General Motors has put to rest the speculation of when the 2014 Chevy Spark EV will be able to be ordered with the DC Combo fast charge option.

GM had previously stated that the option would be a "late availability" item and at one point suggested it would be offered in "Fall 2013."

Now, GM officially says that the DC Combo option will be offered on the Spark EV starting in "late December."

There's still no word on what the option will cost the Spark EV buyer, but we'd guess it'll be somewhere between $500 and $1,000.

Should you opt for the DC Combo option?

The answer to that depends on whether or not you think you'll require fast charging on a require basis and on how long you plan on keeping the Spark EV.

As of today, only 1 DC Combo fast charger exists in the entire US (located at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, California).

We expect the build-out of the supporting DC Combo infrastructure to be painfully slow, so perhaps it would be wise to wait a few years prior to deciding whether or not the DC Combo option will benefit you.

Pamela Fletcher, executive chief engineer of electrified vehicles at General Motors, sees it differently, stating:

"The launch of these new charge stations will help improve the convenience and adoption of electric vehicles because they dramatically reduce the charge time."

They certainly do reduce charge time, but the US' one station is hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) short of what we need in the US to see any increase in the adoption of electric vehicles as being directly related to DC Combo installs.

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