Model X Reservations Now Over 6,000

Model X Reservations Now Over 6,000

The Tesla Model S is selling like crazy on two continents now, but soon the electric crossover Model X might just steal the Model S' thunder.

Over the past weekend, Model X reservations shot past 6,000.

Surprisingly, reservation for the Model X continue to pour in, despite nobody knowing what the X will cost.

Reservations are fully refundable, of course, so there's no guarantee that these 6,000-plus reservation will translate into sales.

It's worth noting that reservations for the standard Model X are only $5,000, whereas the Model X Signature requires $40,000 to get in line.

The Model X will go on sale in the US sometime near the end of 2014, however only a precious few will be made as CEO Elon Musk had this to say on the electric SUV at the last shareholder conference Q&A in August:

Elon Musk:  Tesla is ”hard at work on the Model X” and refining the design.  Adds that the company expects to deliver a small number of units at the end of next year,” with volume production in 2015.

The Tesla CEO adds that he thinks there are still some things they can do to improve the Model X over the prototype shown earlier.  “I think there is room to make it better…we are going to push pretty hard to make it better than what people have seen.”

Source: Tesla Motors Club via Plug In Cars

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