Calling all our German to English translators...we need your help on this one.

Pricing and Specs

Pricing and Specs

ADAC recently put the Tesla Model S through an exhaustive list of tests and the results have been made public.

Unfortunately, ADAC published those results in German and we're losing our minds here trying to translate.

Our crude method of translation turns ADAC's words into this:

"Instead of a conventional drive, up to a 422 hp electric motor is installed at Tesla's Model S luxury sedan. The propulsion is breathtaking: the speed 600 Nm of top variant tested the car in 4.4 seconds to a hundred miles an hour."

Which obviously doesn't read all that well (and is full of errors thanks to Google translate) and that's just one sentence out of the 16 pages published by ADAC.

If you're not familiar with ADAC, then you'll be of no help in translating for us then we'll let you in on a well-known secret: ADAC tests the road-worthiness of vehicles and does so by putting them through of series of tests that tell us a lot (if it didn't publish findings solely in German it would tell us a heck of a lot more) on how the vehicle performs in the real world.

So, in those 16 pages of ADAC test results lies all sorts of information we want to know.  Problem is, we can't comprehend it.

But someone out there certainly can, so chime in with some translations of the most relevant parts ADAC's finding.

PDF link to ADAC test results (in German, naturally).

There's a graphic down below that make almost no sense to us either, though it seems important, so let's start the translation there.

Test Results?

Test Results?


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